What Lies Beyond the Life of a Filipino Domestic Helper in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, the quantity of Filipina ladies functioning as homegrown partners is expanding quick because of neediness in the local land, the Philippines. They have turned into a fundamental part to the feature of our general public. The difficulties they face are now and then awful and have experienced unimaginable everyday environments. Considering their brave plan to save their family from starvation, being away from their friends and family isn’t a joke. It involves a great deal of nostalgic predicament which radiates profound inside their souls. A commonplace babysitter would forfeit her time away from her own child just to deal with her manager’s child with an insignificant pay. Not all businesses are awful however, yet greater part of these assistants were dealt with crooked and were tormented truly, inwardly, intellectually and profoundly. They acquire an injury about being abused in an unusual land.

It is fortunate for a Filipina lady to observe an excellent boss who treats her and regards her freedoms personally. Yet, the level of getting a decent boss is negligible when contrasted with being abused in another land. It is miserable that our legends, our OFWs can do what they accept they can do, which is to forfeit themselves truly away from their local land, being denied of embracing their 僱傭中心 own family, only for a couple of dollars to work on their lives in their country. The public authority, thusly ought to treat these legends with satisfaction and pride since they contribute a ton to our economy.